ISO 9001-2015

Company certified by
TÜV Rheinland

Additives and formulations for water and petroleum treatment.

Biocides: Gelcide, Tetranyl

Demulsifiers: Danox DE, Geltech Oil Break

Incrustations inhibitors: Gelquest

Viscosity reducers: Geltech

Friction reducers: Gelspeed

Sulfur removal agent: Geltech ZN

Antiscalants: Danox Scal

Lubricants: Gelube

Acid Corrosion inhibitors: Gelcore

Corrosion inhibitors: Danox

Sulphydric inhibitor: Gelcide TZ

Oxygen scavenger: Geltech Hidro Z, Geltech Carbo Z

Complexing: Gelquest

Foaming agent: Alfanox, Betadet, Gelfoam

Paraffin dispersants: Gelsperse

Anti-asphaltenic: Danox

Gas leak sealers: Geleak

Flocculant agents: Gelfloc

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(C1431DNP) Buenos Aires, Argentina | Phone: 0054-11-4583-0659 |
Fax: 0054-11-4581-8834 | Celphone: 0054-9-11-4400-7696
Email: contacto@gel-technologies.com | Web: www.gel-technologies.com
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